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Hey, I’m David. That’s me ^^^ the cutie above! I make things and currently the sole entity of Clockwork Cardinal. I’m a software developer by day, software developer by night. You might know me as Glorgu elsewhere online!

I hope to use this website as sort of a portfolio for any projects I work on outside of my day job. I hadn’t really had the time or effort to really make anything for the last couple of years, part of making this site is in hopes to rekindle my desire to create.

So what do I plan on putting here? Programming stuff mostly. Twitter bots, maybe some web tools I make, hopefully a game project here and there. But I write music too, so maybe I’ll post it here.

Or perhaps this will just end up as a good place to write up my game design thoughts and throw them into the void, who knows?

Anyways, thanks for reading this, I bet you’re cool!

– David