@isItWokeTho – About

@isItWokeTho is a twitter bot I made using Python. I made it as an exercise in learning Python. I hope to make more complex twitter bots in the future.

Frequently* Asked Questions

Why did you make this bot, my dude?

To ask all the tough questions no one else will.

No, but really, I made this bot for several reasons:

  1. Make people laugh by putting the mundane, absurd, hyper-specific, and obscure under a political/moral lens that it wasn’t prepared to be viewed through.
  2. Promote further thinking about every aspect of life through a political lens.
  3. Give people a launch pad to talk about something related to a tweet this bot makes, maybe a subject they’d otherwise be uncomfortable talking about out of the blue. Quote-tweet this bot to your hearts content.
  4. Examine how the term “Woke” has been white-washed of its actual history and meaning.

What do I mean by point 4?

Woke is a term originally used in black communities meaning “aware of social and racial justice issues.” The term rose in popularity during the national recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2014 after many high profile killings of black men in the United States by the police. The term was often said as “Stay Woke,” advocating for continual awareness of social and racial justice issues.

Over the years, the term “woke” has been used differently, as an adjective to describe someone or something as adherent to, or embracing of liberal or leftist political values. This became especially common after the 2016 election, when many people started to make an effort to become politically active.

While it isn’t uncommon for language to change and for words to take on new meaning, I think its worth examining how a term – that once had clear racial justice connotation and used as a call to action – became more commonly used as a passive adjective, without strong racial justice connotation.

For every 100 followers this bot gets in 2018 I will personally be giving $10 to the Black Lives Matter movement. If I don’t get that many followers – which is likely seeing as I’m a nobody programmer and this is my first bot – I’ll give $100 nonetheless.

Do you have any source code?

Go check it out here!

How about a Tutorial? That’d be nice!

Hoping to get on that as this was tougher than it needed to be. Though for the time being this is a good resource if you’re interested in making a bot yourself!

Issues/Further Questions

If you have an issue with this bot or a post it made, please feel free to directly message me on Twitter @David_J_Prince. I am always looking to grow and learn and I value  criticism as part of that process. Please call me out on my bullshit.